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Buy the official 4th Of July Festival t-shirt

With this patriotic tee, designed to ignite your pride and enthusiasm for America’s most cherished holiday we support the fight against evictions in America and beyond. The t-shirt announce the Poetry and Music Protest at the 4th of July and you can buy it on Etsy. Crafted from the finest materials, our T-shirt offers unmatched…
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Poem Protest by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

You can find this poem and many other Protest Poems at our playlist

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The Best 4th of July Events for 2023

Hopefully we can all celebrate Fourth of July in 2023 again. Since July 4th, 1776 the US celebrates Independence Day on July 4th to commemorate the Declaration of Independence. From parades, fireworks, battle reenactments and readings to barbecues and contests, there are many ways to celebrate freedom and more and more cities are offering events…
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When Women Are Not Free, No One is Free!

July 4 National Day of Protest When Women Are Not Free, No One is Free! INTO THE STREETS to demand The Federal Government must restore Nationwide Legal Abortion Now Rise Up For Abortion Rights | (973) 544-8228 | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

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Come Together – Rotterdam

Don’t miss Come Together – Rotterdam from 19:00-22:00 at the Kralingen Beach.

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4th Of July Festival has a SSL certificate now

Good news, we have a SSL certificate now.

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4th Of July Poster 2019

Hereby the 4th Of July Poster 2019. Download and use it for free.  Below you find the old posters

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Theme 2019 is Come Together

To fight loneliness we decided today that the theme of the 2019 edition will be “Come Together”. The theme is inspired by the song Come Together of the English rock band the Beatles. The song is written primarily by John Lennon and credited to Lennon–McCartney. The song is the opening track on their 1969 album…
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Wikispaces protest songs page.

Would you like to know more about American Protest Songs then you should check It’s a great source.

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